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Environmentally Recycled Service

100 Mile New & Used Auto Parts Ltd is the name you can trust when you are in need of environmentally recycled services in the 100 Mile House area. From new and used batteries to recycle antifreeze, we have got you covered.


Looking for anti-freeze for a vehicle or toy? Stop by and take advantage of our free anti-freeze pickup program! Anti-freeze that has been professionally drained out of our recycled vehicles is bottled and put aside for free reuse! Simply come over and pick up what you need today! Any anti-freeze that is deemed unusable upon draining is properly recycled and disposed of.


Retiring your vehicle through a SecondLife Recycler means you are choosing to recycle responsibly. SecondLife Recyclers are certified through the Ministry of Environment, and they dismantle retired vehicles to the highest environmental standards. SecondLife Recyclers endorse the well-known pollution prevention hierarchy of 1) Reduce 2) Reuse 3) Recycle, and they have added a fourth R, “Responsibly,” as the best means for ensuring environmental sustainability. Auto recyclers have come a long way from the old days of junkyards. Today’s SecondLife Recyclers operate modern facilities and employ the best environmental practices in order to maximize reclamation and minimize environmental impact.


Click here for more information on recycling your old vehicles, or call us for more information.


Have a battery for vehicles, boats, or other motorized toys sitting around? One that no longer works or fits your needs? Look at bringing it into 100 Mile New & Used Auto Parts Ltd for it to be properly recycled! We take in all batteries in any state that no longer suit your needs and recycle them for you! Zero hassle with a quick and easy drop-off!


Now that you have recycled your old battery are you in need of a new or used one? We have those too! Used batteries from our recycled vehicles are clean, charged, and tested. Used batteries available for sale are located in the parts office. All used batteries have a core charge of $10; however, this fee is waived if you bring your old battery in at time of purchase. If you are seeking a new battery we carry stock in several sizes of batteries. Visit us in the service department if a new battery is on your mind!


Do you like to do your oil changes yourself? Have a friend that does them for you? Do you have or know of people who have used car oil sitting around their yard or shop? Bring your used car oil to 100 Mile New & Used Auto Parts Ltd for environmentally friendly recycling! We collect used car oil and have it disposed of correctly to ensure our environment’s safety!

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