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Broken Down?

We get you back on the road with our courtesy cars while we complete your repairs

Trusted Propane Vehicle Services in 100 Mile House

100 Mile New & Used Auto Parts Ltd has a team of experienced, licensed mechanics to handle all your vehicle repair needs. We provide servicing on all makes and models, including commercial vehicles and light trucks. Our services include:


Our smart maintenance system helps us assess your vehicle for issues that could potentially cause an accident on the road. This will not only preemptively keep you safe but also keep your vehicle in a great condition. From repairs and oil changes to propane vehicle services in 100 Mile House, we do all sorts of work to ensure that you and your vehicle are always ready for the road.


For new vehicle owners, we are proud to say that you don’t need to be worried about losing out on your warranty when you come to us for maintenance. The professional team at 100 Mile New & Used Auto Parts Ltd strictly adheres to the relevant manufacturer’s regulations while handling your vehicle.

Designated Inspection Facility
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Passing through and having car troubles? Need to get back on the road as soon as you can? We are always more than happy to get you in as fast as we can and diagnose the problem! We do our best to get you back on the road as fast as possible so you can enjoy your holiday or get where you’re going with as little stress as possible!

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Does your vehicle require a major repair? Looking to have a quote done up so you can plan your budget? Bring your vehicle in for a professional diagnosis. We can provide an accurate cost estimate to give you a general idea on the severity and cost of the repair.

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