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100 Mile New & Used Auto Parts Ltd has been providing quality auto repairs and oil change services in 100 Mile House for over 20 years. Join our preventative maintenance program and get on track to affordable auto repairs! Have your regular maintenance oil change services done here at 100 Mile New & Used Auto Parts Ltd and get a free 30-point inspection with each service! Each vehicle goes through a series of inspections that cover all fluid levels, air filter quality, brake quality, tire quality, shocks, joints, and more! If something doesn’t meet standards or looks worn, we can come up with an estimate and book you in to have the problem taken care of. Regular servicing on your vehicle helps prevent major costly breakdowns as our technicians are always inspecting your vehicle’s health on a regular basis. It also helps you budget for more costly visits such as brake services. A regular maintenance service program saves you money in the long run as you limit the amount of unforeseen problems that can occur. For more information please contact us.

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100 Mile New and Used warrants all operations performed in respect of defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service, for a period of one year or 10,000 km on service and new materials supplied by 100 Mile New and Used. There is no warranty to express nor implied on any service where materials are supplied. Any warranty/towing must first be approved by management in order to claim to be recognized. No warranty is extended to cover loss of use, loss of earnings, per diem expenses, nor any other claim of any nature whatsoever. E&E Exempt. Get in touch with us if you are looking for engine oil change services in 100 Mile House and the surrounding areas. Our services are here to help you keep your vehicle in the best condition possible!

30 Point Maintenance Inspection 

Book your oil change today and receive a complimentary 30 point maintenance inspection check list.


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